Why Use VersiLac®?

VersiLac® is a cost-effective source of dairy solids that can readily replace whey or nonfat dry milk in most formulations.

VersiLac® is also an effective tool for reducing costs and reducing levels of target ingredients like salt, sugar, cheese powders, or cocoa. This agglomerated product has superior flow characteristics, is highly soluble, blends evenly and is nonhygroscopic.

When to use VersiLac®?

Replace more expensive dairy solids:

  • Whey powder - Nonfat dry milk

Reduce expensive ingredients.

VersiLac® has natural flavor enhancing capabilities
which can allow for reductions in ingredients such as:

  • Cocoa powder - Cheese powders

  • Chocolate - Butter

Reduce or replace carbohydrates or sweeteners.

VersiLac® is a natural sweetener. The minimal sweetness profile of VersiLac® allows it to be used in applications where higher solids are desired without excess sweetness.

  • Sugar - Maltodextrin

  • Corn syrup solids - Dextrose

  • Sugar substitutes - Lactose

Reduce salt with VersiLac®.

The natural salty notes in VersiLac® permits formulators to reduce or in some cases replace salt, which in turn allows for an improved nutritional label. 

Labeling Flexibility

Manufacturers can use any of the following terms when labeling VersiLac® on their ingredient label:

  • dairy product solids

  • modified whey

  • reduced protein whey

  • whey solids

Food Applications

  • Bakery

  • Confectionary

  • Dairy Foods

  • Drink Mixes

  • Prepared Foods

VersiLac Benefits


Free Flowing

VersiLac® is manufactured using new process technologies and a unique drying process that provides higher total solids, excellent solubility and the highest quality product. It is a free-flowing, non-caking, non-bridging, high-quality dairy ingredient that incorporates easily into formulations because of its natural agglomeration. Proper crystallization and low moisture maintains the non-hygroscopic quality of VersiLac® throughout its shelf life.
As a result, VersiLac® is easy to use in a variety of applications and your production line. In most applications, process changes are not needed when substituting VersiLac® for other more expensive dairy ingredients including skim milk and whey powder. VersiLac® will not only flow freely in your equipment but also will help the other ingredients in your formula to move efficiently through your production system.


Proliant Dairy Ingredients uses unique drying technologies that produce a highly soluble permeate that will incorporate easily into your dry or wet blended formulations.

VersiLac® Dairy Product Solids are agglomerated naturally in our special dryer without the use of any additives. It will fully dissolve in hot or cold water, in a variety of pH ranges and it will stay in suspension. It will improve process efficiencies by incorporating in less time into formulations than other dairy ingredients.

VersiLac's® exceptional solubility makes it an excellent ingredient in a variety of applications including beverages, process cheese, soft served ice cream and confectionary products.

Flavor Enhancement

VersiLac® Dairy Product Solids natural milk minerals (including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and phosporus) together with non-protein nitrogen compounds (including urea, creatine, creatinine, uric acid, orotid acid, and ammonia) give it natural flavor enhancement properties.
These properties permit VersiLac® to be used for partial replacement of expensive ingredients in bakery, confectionary, beverage, dairy and processed food formulations. Allow our technical support team to help you partially replace cocoa powder, chocolate, vanilla, butter and cheese flavors in your formulations while maintaining the high quality of your products.


VersiLac's® high lactose content, together with the other reducing sugars and available protein, provides browning in baked goods, caramels and other confectionary applications through the Maillard Reaction. Maillard Reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives cooked food its distinctive color and flavors. This special functionality not only enhances appearance but also imparts a pleasant caramelized flavor.
Baked formulas that include VersiLac® will improve the yield and efficiencies of your ovens by providing the targeted browning in your finished products in less time.


VersiLac® is a cost effective, high-quality dairy ingredient that provides exceptional functionality and flavor in a variety of food applications. VersiLac® can be used to replace higher cost dairy ingredients such as whey, skim milk powder, and lactose in most applications and partially substitute demineralized whey powder, cocoa powder, chocolate, vanilla, butter, and cheese flavors in a variety of food formulations. You can obtain the same or better functionality at a lower cost from VersiLac® compared to other more expensive ingredients. Whey powder (12% protein) availability will continue to diminish as more producers move to higher value protein production. Since the year 2000, whey production in the US has decreased by 100,000 MT. Similar trends are observed in the European Union. As a result, we expect higher cost trends for whey powder with less supply.

In comparison, production of permeate is expected to continue to increase at competitive prices. VersiLac® can provide cost savings with guaranteed supply.

Shelf Life and Yield

VersiLac®’s high lactose content helps it to bind water which in turn helps retain moisture in baked goods. This high water binding functionality produces brownies, cakes, cookies, and breads that retain their crumb softness for a longer period of time thus resulting in an improved shelf life.

VersiLac®’s exceptional solubility makes it an excellent ingredient for all baked goods. This solubility will help increase production efficiency through reduced batter mixing time and creating a smooth and soft batter. In many applications VersiLac® will be able to increase yield and throughput by reducing oven baking time and providing an increased dough volume.