As a demonstration of our dedication to application research, Proliant and its parent company, Lauridsen Group Incorporated, opened the LGI Advancement Building, or LAB.  The LAB is located next to Proliant’s corporate office in Ankeny, IA. The LAB is a $10 million, 21,000 square feet, multi-functional innovation facility that includes a commercial test kitchen for applications research, research and development laboratories for new product development, a fully equipped pilot plant and a research library. In addition to applications research, the test kitchen is connected to a multi-purpose education room that is used for customer and sensory evaluations.

The Research Kitchen enables Proliant Dairy to develop finished food applications that demonstrate the versatility of our products across all food and nutrition categories.  We are able to collaborate with customers in order to closely model their processes to show the benefits of our products, in a real world setting.





With the help of our LAB facility, Proliant’s research professionals will use the latest technology to further develop and provide innovative solutions for all sectors of the food industry.

The LAB's pilot plant is 4,000 sq. ft. dedicated to finding the most advanced product innovation techniques for our number one priority, our customers.  Testing capabilities include four reactor tanks complete with agitation, heating and cooling capabilities, in-line process monitoring capabilities, pH measurement and load cells.  The LAB facility is equipped with modern analytical equipment to analyze specialty products.

Also available is a U.F./Nano/RO with a wide array of configurations to meet customer's needs. Additional equipment on-site includes a clarifying centrifuge, a CIP system, a large evaporator, two spray dryers, a drum dryer, and flash dryer.