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Retirement of Linda Myhr, Proliant Dairy Ingredients

Linda Myhr has announced her plans to retire from Proliant Dairy Ingredients in January 2018.

Linda joined Proliant Dairy in September 2011 as Sales Manager. On January 2014 because of her exceptional performance she was promoted to Sales Director. Over the past 6 years she has been instrumental in developing and expanding the Versilac business. Linda has been extremely valuable in identifying new opportunities and applications to grow our US food sales. She has built long-term relationships and fostered customer loyalty.

Linda’s experience in the US whey and permeate industry spanned over 30 years. Her market insight and analysis helped shape our strategy and surpass our business objectives.

It has been a pleasure working with Linda and she will be highly missed.

Please join me in thanking Linda for her exceptional performance with Proliant Dairy Ingredients and wishing her well with her upcoming retirement.