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New Studies Demonstrate the Value of Feeding Permeate (Lactose) for Nursery Pig Growth and Health


While the importance of feeding permeate (~ 80% lactose) to nursery pigs has been known for some time, pig production practices have changed over the years. So, at Annual Midwest Meeting of American Society of Animal Science and American Dairy Science Association held March 11-13, 2019 in Omaha Nebraska, two groups independently reported on their recent studies on feeding of permeate to nursery pigs under conditions relevant to today’s commercial practices for pig production.

Professor Sung Woo Kim, (Principal Investigator, North Carolina State University) and his team presented research* conducted on 1200 piglets at Purvis Farm, Inc. (North Carolina) showing enhanced growth performance of nursery pigs with increasing whey...

Welcome David Vlasaty, Proliant Dairy Ingredients

I am pleased to announce that David Vlasaty will join the Proliant Dairy Ingredients team as Sales Manager effective January 2, 2018.

David’s previous employment includes Chem/Serv, Inc., as well as several years with International Spices where David was Regional Sales Manager.

David comes to Proliant Dairy with vast sales management experience in the food industry, specifically in spices, seasonings and food ingredients.

Please join me in welcoming David to the team!

Retirement of Linda Myhr, Proliant Dairy Ingredients

Linda Myhr has announced her plans to retire from Proliant Dairy Ingredients in January 2018.

Linda joined Proliant Dairy in September 2011 as Sales Manager. On January 2014 because of her exceptional performance she was promoted to Sales Director. Over the past 6 years she has been instrumental in developing and expanding the Versilac business. Linda has been extremely valuable in identifying new opportunities and applications to grow our US food sales. She has built long-term relationships and fostered customer loyalty.

Linda’s experience in the US whey and permeate industry spanned over 30 years. Her market insight and analysis helped shape our strategy and surpass our business objectives.

It has been a pleasure working with Linda ...

U.S. Whey Ingredients in Bakery Products

Whey ingredients have been utilized by the baking industry for decades for many of the same reasons that whey ingredients are used today. Early on, sweet whey was the only whey ingredient commercially available. It provided the benefits of added browning, a tender crumb texture and cost savings for many bakery products.

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Food Makers Turn to Whey Permeate

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Food Manufacturers are always looking for a superstar ingredient - one with superb functionality that can help improve the bottom line. Whey permeate fits that bill nicely. It is a functional workhorse that can promote browning, enhance flavor, improve moisture retention and allow manufacturers to reduce sodium levels, all at a very reasonable cost.

Whey Permeate to Cut Sodium

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Permeate from milk or whey is quickly becoming a leading sodium replacement that provides functional and flavor benefits in foods, including baked goods.

Erasing Dairy Costs

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Dairy ingredient prices long have been prone to fluctuations and, judging by price levels prevailing Nov. 4, this year is no exception. Ingredient suppliers have responded and launched alternative solutions for ingredients, including whey and lactose that are rising in costs.

Proliant Dairy Ingredients Receives SQF Approval

Proliant Dairy Ingredients is proud to announce that the Melrose, Minnesota production facility has recently received Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certificate of Registration Level 2, certifying the facility meets the requirements of SQF 2000 Code. Proliant is one of only a few dairy ingredient manufacturers to have this certification.

SQF Standards were developed by The Food Marketing Institute to provide assurance to retailers and consumers of the safety and quality of the food they purchase. The Global Food Safety Initiative has benchmarked these standards. After a detailed 3-day audit, Proliant proved its commitment to document and record control, specification and product development, dedication to food safety and food quality, internal ...

The Balancing Act in Making Process Cheese

The topic of sodium reduction in dairy products continues to garner attention within the dairy industry, whether it is focused on the possible health benefits of a low-sodium product or the safety risks that can come with lower salt levels.

The goal of the Center for Dairy Research is to investigate ways to consistently create safe and delicious low-sodium cheese products. In particular, CDR and its UW-Madison partners, with the help of Dairy Research Institute funding, are focusing on three areas:

• Shelf stability and quality of reduced sodium cheese
• Permeate as a salt replacer for the food industry
• New method for directly testing sodium levels in cheese